Faculty research

Dr. Dayan   conducts research in the field of crime, law and society, with a particular interest in gender and crime. Her recent published papers explore several issues pertaining to sexual violence against women, and lethal violence against women (femicide, uxoricide, battered women who kill their abuser and legal criminal doctrines related to the phenomenon of femicide).

Her book ‘Femicide and the Law: American Criminal Doctrines’ has been recently published by Routledge and she began writing a book on femicide in Israel, covering sociological, criminological and legal perspectives of the phenomenon. Further and in relation to femicide, she is currently pondering on one of the under-studied homicidal phenomena worldwide: staged murder scenes. This perplexing topic is empirically situated within the realm of femicide because, more often than not, murder scene staging is committed in femicide circumstances. 

Furthermore, and endeavoring to study the intricate relation between crime, law and gender she recently channels her academic knowledge, insights, and writing skill on charismatic leadership to the field of gender sects and crime. Her paper 'Sexual Abuse and Charismatic Cults' has been recently published in Journal of Aggression and Violent Behavior. 

The Israeli criminal justice system has seen dramatic changes in recent years. Dr. Tali Gal, the Head of the School of Criminology, has been the co-author of two studies that followed the pilot stages of two innovative reforms that began operating in 2014. The first is a formative study of the Israeli Community Courts model. A first journal publication based on the study describes the unique characteristics of the Israeli community court model (Tali Gal and Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg, “Characterizing Community Courts”, Behavioral Sciences & the Law 35(5-6), pp. 523—539).

A second study examined the operation of a deferred prosecution program, designed for fist-time offenders of misdemeanors. The study found that while offenders were highly satisfied with the treatment they received and had strong perceptions of procedural justice, a significant minority (approximately 20%) were angry at the police for processing the report against them. The report is available in Hebrew: http://criminology.org.il//pirsom

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