B.A Studies

The University of Haifa and the School of Criminology intend to open a B.A. program in Criminology. The program is waiting for approval from Israel’s Higher Education Commission. For details, please contact the School of Criminology office, Phone: 04-8288991

Currently, those interested in pursuing a BA in criminology may attend a 20-points program within the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Faculty of Humanities.

BA Units in Criminology within the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies: 20 Points

Introduction to Criminology*

Introduction to Israeli Legal System*


Introduction to Psychopathology in the Crime Scene

Psychosocial Elements in incarceration


צור קשר

בניין אשכול, קומה 23 אוניברסיטת חיפה הר הכרמל, חיפה 31905 Israel

  • dummy972-4-8288991

  • dummy criminology@univ.haifa.ac.il

ביה"ס לקרימינולוגיה, אוניברסיטת חיפה, הר הכרמל 31905 I בניין אשכול, קומה 23 I טלפון: 04-8288991