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We are at an era of rapid changes in perceptions regarding the punitive goals, the efficacy and morality of different types of punishment, and the desirability of different law enforcement policies. In order to understand these changes and to contribute to its development, there is a need for a diverse theoretical and methodological toolkit. Accordingly, the School of Criminology aims to utilize interdisciplinary knowledge from various fields, including sociology, law, psychology and philosophy, in order to advance the understanding and analysis of crime, social deviance and victimization and ways to address these phenomena.

The Masters program (MA) offers two specializations: Crime and Addictions; and Crime, Law and Society. In addition, we plan to open an undergraduate curriculum (BA).

The School of Criminology strives to promote theoretical and empirical research that addresses applied applications and is oriented towards policymaking. The school's advanced program seeks to develop and provide analytical skills in order to analyze and evaluate various criminological phenomena such as crime, delinquency, victimization, rehabilitation and correction. The school curriculum provides advanced students with a wide range of methodological tools (quantitative and qualitative) and prepares them for consulting positions as well as positions in law enforcement and correctional institutions.

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בניין אשכול, קומה 23 אוניברסיטת חיפה הר הכרמל, חיפה 31905 Israel

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ביה"ס לקרימינולוגיה, אוניברסיטת חיפה, הר הכרמל 31905 I בניין אשכול, קומה 23 I טלפון: 04-8288991