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The School of Criminology offers graduate programs (MA) in two specializations: Crime and Addictions; and Crime, Law and Society. At each of the programs, students can either enrol to Stream A (and conduct a thesis research) or to Stream B (with a final exam). Faculty members arrive from a range of disciplines, reflecting the varied and multidisciplinary nature of contemporary criminology. Accordingly, the curriculum as well as the research subjects for those writing their thesis is diverse. Faculty members take part in supervising graduate students both at the MA and PhD levels in various fields of criminological research.

The school seeks to help students develop and acquire academic skills in order to analyze and evaluate phenomena in areas pertaining to law and society, crime, delinquency, victimization, rehabilitation and correction. The School's objective is providing students with a wide range of methodological tools (quantitative and qualitative) and preparing them for consulting positions as well as positions in law enforcement and correctional institutions.


29MAY 2019


Multi-door Criminal Justice Symposium

  • 16:00 - 18:00
  • University of Haifa, Edmond Safdie Auditorium, Multi-Purpose Building
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